Sports Medicine Clinics Can Teach You To Better Care For Yourself As An Athlete

People think of sports medicine clinics as being places where they can get treatment for acute, sports-related injuries like torn ACLs and shin splints. Indeed, this is a lot of the work that the doctors and other practitioners at sports medicine clinics do. However, you can also visit a sports medicine clinic as a good athlete who is looking to take better care of themselves. Here are some things that the staff at a sports medicine clinic can teach you.

How to stretch properly

Stretching is really important for athletes. It helps warm up the muscles and prevent injuries. And yet, many athletes do not stretch enough. Those who stretch may not be stretching effectively, or they may not be doing stretches that target the muscles used most in their sports. A sports medicine practitioner can give you a specific stretching routine to target your problem areas and the tissues used most during your sport. This will help ensure you're using your stretching time wisely and effectively, and it should cut down on your risk of injuries over the years.

How to care for minor strains and injuries

Not every strain or minor injury requires professional, acute care. If you know how to do it on your own, you can care for minor strains and soreness at home. A sports medicine doctor can teach you how to properly ice, compress, and elevate injured limbs. They'll tell you how to tell when you're ready to go back to working out after an injury, and how to tell if an injury is severe enough to warrant their care. 

How to apply sports tape

Sports tape can be really helpful, especially for athletes who run a lot. You apply it to apply pressure and pull on muscles in specific areas. If you have a "problem area" that is often tight or sore, a sports medicine doctor will teach you how to apply the sports tape to that specific area effectively. You can then repeat this before each workout, reducing your risk of injuring that area. The doctor can also show you how to tape some other key, common areas, such as your calves and shins.

If you are an athlete who wants to take better care of your body and stay healthier, then it's a good idea to visit a sports medicine doctor. They can teach you self-help skills that help you excel and stay above the injuries.

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